Pool Cleaning Service

All lead cleaning technicians are CPO Certified

With our Jandy ION system, you will receive an email detailing time of service and chemicals added at time of departure.

CPS Pools offers a Full-Line commercial and residential cleaning service. Our cleaning programs are Flexible and individually tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s a subdivision swimming pool or a small spa on your patio, we can customize a program to fit your needs.

You have choices on how often you have it cleaned and whether chemicals will be included or extra. What do we provide?

Chemical Only

  • Check and Adjust Water Chemistry
  • Add chemicals to pool
  • Inspect swimming pool equipment
  • Provide detailed report
 Full Service

  • Check and Adjust Water Chemistry
  • Add chemicals to pool
  • Brush tile, walls and steps*
  • Check and adjust water level**
  • Pool Deck and Pool cleared of all leaves
  • Baskets Emptied at Skimmer And Pump
  • Vacuum / Brush/ Pool / Spa
  • Backwash filter if needed
  • Inspect swimming pool equipment
  • Net the swimming pool
  • Provide detailed report
  • Blow off all decks

*Additional detailing for tile and calcium scaling at an additional charge.

**Excessive water loss will require filling by the home owner. It may require a mechanical water fill or additional charges may apply for any second trips.

In addition once we’ve establish your pools needs an agreed to the frequency of service you be given a day of the week that you can always count upon CPS Pools being there to clean your pool.

Call us now, so we can develop a plan for your pool. We clean pools in the greater metropolitan Jackson area.