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Pool Sanitation: Safe, Effective Systems by DEL Ozone

Reduce Chlorine Usage by 60-90% with the Del Ozone System.

DEL Ozone proudly introduces the revolutionary new Solar Eclipse, a small Advanced Oxidation Process system for residential pools.  This new system takes pool sanitation to a new level.

A Pool Owner’s View on the Solar Eclipse:

It has been a few months since we spoke and you recommended the New Solar Eclipse unit for my residential pool. The pool is approximately 24000 gallons. We are simply blown away with the clarity of our pool…So hats off to the designers – the unit does exactly what you said it would do.  Ray Sparnaay, avid swimmer.

Residential Pool Sanitation with Less Fuss

Pool owners increasingly demand pool water sanitation with less chlorine and less fuss.  Both the Solar Eclipse AOP and a pool ozonator work by turning oxygen into safe and powerful ozone — the same type of ozone that is found in the upper atmosphere to protect us from harmful UV rays. In the AOP system, the ozone triggers an even more potent sanitation process.

It is no longer necessary for residential pools to be built with the standard chemical sanitation prescription. Instead, pure and clean water can be delivered with an advanced DEL pool ozonator orAdvanced Oxidation Process system that reduces the need for chlorine by 60-90%.

Find the Right Pool Sanitation System

We offer a range of pool ozonators and Advanced Oxidation Process systems for in ground and above ground pools.  Our non chemical ozone generators and AOP system for in ground pools and our above ground pool water  ozone systems offer technologically advanced pool water sanitation with less chlorine and leaves behind no harmful byproducts.  Choose the Solar Eclipse, Eclipse or Total Eclipse Series for in ground pools or the Big Dipper for above ground pools.

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